Plastic Pipes

Uses Sizes:Underground Supply Pipes. 15mm/22mm/28mm.Overflows for loft tanks and toilets. 21mm.Waste-water from wash basins. 32mm.Soil pipes to the sewer. 110mm.Pipes of plastic are the plumbing of choice these days not just with new builds but also older properties that are replacing their old pipework. Ashford Plumbers use plastic pipes. The way they are joined is simple are quite easily joined together with all pipes, using certain joints. The usual joint that is used for plastic pipes is called the push-fit ‘O’ ring style of joint. Professional plumbing services and tradesmen are now using this type joint on the majority of their weekly plumbing jobs. It is a quick way of connecting two pipes. They are far more bulkier, compared to a welded joint and can be prized apart easily. There is a small ‘O’ ring in the fitting which sits in a groove making a double seal and grips and holds the pipework. The big advantage of this style of pipework is they have no real weight, and they are also easy to mark up and cut for joining. Even though these modern plastic pipes are very easily cut and light doesn’t restrict their use for systems like central heating, quite the opposite, they are very strong and highly durable with great reliability.An Ashford Plumber uses and joins plastic piping for lots of jobs. There is always a down side, and that is that these pipes will creak somewhat, however, if they are fitted under a floor, they make less noise. Connection is possible to various pipework made from materials such as copper, steel and even lead piping.Note:Plastic piping is better at resisting frost than their metal opposites and there is a massive selection on the market. They are measured by their outside diameter.

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