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In case your taps are throwing out air instead of water and you do not know what is wrong, then you should probably call a qualified plumber from Plumber Ashford but if you want to try fixing it by yourself then here are a few tips. To control this blockage problem, you must first attach a hosepipe (the length should be long enough to reach both sides) to the tap that is defected and then attach the other end to the tap which is in good working position. It might be better if the working tap that you have chosen is the tab for cold water on the washing sink of your kitchen. Then you can open both of these taps so that the pressure can be allowed to force the main water to push all the air in the pipes of the defected tab. After doing that, leave it on so that this process can work itself for some minutes and then at first you must close down the defected tap and then the working one. At first this method might not show the wanted results so you may want to repeat this method for a couple of times. The problem that you have probably fixed with the help of these tips is called a lock and it can block the water from flowing in the pipes. As you flood the pipes with the pressure of the running water, you will be able to disable that lock. In case more than just one of your home’s taps has been locked, do not worry and call for help from someone who knows plumbing but if you want this problem to be further inspected than you can call Plumber Ashford and tell them about the issue you have been facing regarding your plumbing situation.

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