The symptoms that occur when someone has been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning are very much like, the flu, food poisoning and even straight forward tiredness. Being aware of these may save lives. Carbon monoxide is a very poisonous substance that is produced from incomplete combustion of gas or even LPG. It has no odour or colour and will not give any real warning signs at all, just the above symptoms which can be mistaken for general conditions. Below is a guide to make sure that you will not meet Carbon Monoxide:CO2 Alarm:The alarm is also a detector, ready made so all you need to do is fit it. They can be purchased in most retail outlets. But before you buy one make sure that it is marked to EN 50291and have a British Standards kite mark. Fit them all over the house, on every floor if required. Particularly in bedrooms and in the area where there is a boiler or flue. There is no need fit a detector right above or next to a boiler, fire or cooker, as they are capable of emitting a false alarm.Fit:The detector should be fitted at 150mm lower than the ceiling, however lower is not recommended. They should also be kept higher than windows or doors that can open. They should sit between 1.8M and 4.5M from a likely source such as the cooker for example, as they can generate a false alarm. An Ashford Plumber can fit an alarm. The Boiler:Your boiler flame should, burn blue with a very fine inner and outer core. This can be observed through a viewing port on the boiler. If the flame flickers and is orange or yellow, then the combustion is not right and it needs attention. Soot coming from the boiler is a warning sign. Ashford Plumbers are gas safe. Note: Should you or anyone in the home feel any of the above symptoms you should as a precaution, shut the boiler down and call a gas safe engineer at once. Make sure there is lots of fresh air.

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