Softened Water

A water softener is usually employed in a Hard Water area to reduce the production of Lime Scale.Unit Connection:Begin work from under the sink, using a one-way valve with the direction of flow into the house, incorporating a small drain-cock, for the supply and a service valve to make sure that the water flows into the softener. Fit also, another washing machine style tap (this is the return from the water softener). These valves have a quarter turn action, fitted with a knob that indicates whether the valve is open or shut. An Ashford Plumbers operative can service this appliance.The Reason and Affects:As stated above the areas in which the most units fitted are what are called ‘hard water’ areas. Their water has minerals in it that sediment out when the water is heated, resulting in the formation of a coating on the inner pipe walls. This coating causes much damage to all appliances such as the shower, dishwasher and washing machine. This coating has no affects on human beings, in fact just the opposite with the minerals being the very same as we drink in our bottled water. If you are considering fitting a water softener, then bear in mind that one of your taps is still able to supply your water for drinking, of course if you don’t want the whole house softened. Ashford Plumbers can fit this unit. The Action:Having an indirect water supply system fed from the mains up to the cold water storage cylinder in the loft space, and a branch to your kitchen tap, the water softener diverts this cold water through its softener treatment tank before it returns it to the pipe feeding the cold storage tank in the loft space. The WC can be directly connected to the mains before this water softener, and there can be a nozzle in the ballcock valve for the WC cistern lots of water is used for flushing. Sometimes it may be necessary to use a descaling solution in the WC pan, the uses of softened water can be considerably reduced by this action.

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