Patching a leak

During ice cold conditions, water sitting in a pipe turns cn turn to ice if the weather is cold enough. This ice will expand until it eventually splits the walls of the pipe or breaches a joint. Ashford Plumbers are experts in this field. Copper pipework is more likely to split than lead, which can stretch to accommodate the expansion and thus survive a few hard winters before reaching breaking point. It is highly recommended that you replace the old lead with copper pipe as soon as you have contained the leak. The only other reason for leaking plumbing is the failure either through deterioration of the materials used or because a joint has breached. If you can, make a permanent repair with a new piece of pipework or renew the joint in question. Drain the pipe first unless it is frozen, in which case make the repair before it thaws. A leaking pipe can be fixed in a temporary way by making a sleeve from a piece of rubber piping which you cut to size and place over the point where the leak is situated. Bind the hose with two or three hose clips, or you can also twist wire around the hose. To make it secure. You can also use putty to patch the leak. The putty is supplied in two parts which are put together to make the mix. Leave for about 30 minutes to set itself. Place the putty and press it all over the leak or hole, building it up so it is about 3 to 6mm thick. The putty mix will will cure to its full strength in around 24 hours, however you can run low pressure water immediately if you bind the putty with self-adhesive tape. All this equipment is carried as standard by an Ashford Plumber .

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