Removing a Radiator

There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to remove a radiator for example, to make decorating the wall behind it easier or even to replace it with a new one. Bear in mind that it is not a two minute job and consider asking for professional help if you are not confident from companies such as Ashford Plumbers . Luckily, individual radiators can be removed without having to drain the whole system. You must ensure you have plenty of rags to hand for mopping up spilled water, plus a jug and a large bowl. The water in the radiator will be very dirty so, if possible, roll back any covering on the floor starting and clear the area local. Isolate both the valves on the unit, turning the shank of the lock shield valve clockwise with a key or an adjustable spanner. Note the number of turns needed to close it, so that later you can reopen it by the same amount. Unscrew the cap nut that keeps the hand wheel valve or lock shield valve attached to the adaptor in the end of the radiator. Place a container underneath the joint and open the bleed valve slowly to let the water drain out. Continue doing this until no more water can be drained. Unscrew the cap-nut that keeps the other valve attached to the radiator, lift the radiator free from its brackets, and drain any water that remains. If you’re going to decorate the wall, unscrew the brackets. To replace the radiator, screw the brackets back in place, then rehang the radiator and tighten the cap-nuts on both valves. Close the bleed valve and reopen both radiator valves (open the lockshield valve by the same number of turns you used when closing it) as carried out by Ashford Plumber . Finally, bleed any air from the radiator. Close the valves, unscrew cap nuts and lift the radiator from brackets and allow to drain.

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Removing a Radiator There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to remove a radiator for example, to make decorating the wall behind it easier or even

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