Valves In Plumbing

There are many different valves that are used in the world of plumbing, all having very similar tasks to perform, here are just a few: The Diaphragm Valve is very much like the gate valve as it has a wheel or knob that moves an element inside the valve fitting. This limits the water that can flow through. Ashford Plumbers are professional tradesmen. With a diaphragm valve, the element is a diaphragm that settles down over a saddle, to stop the water flow. Diaphragm valves are normally used as stop valves. The Ball Valve uses a ball with a hole through its centre fitted in the supply line. The ball can be turned using a lever, or by a small screw head which can be turned up to 90° which will let the water to flow or will stop it. If the hole is in line with the pipe the water flows but with the hole at 90° the water stops. It is easy to see if the valve is open or closed, by looking at the lever or screw head, in line for “on” and across the line for “off “. This type is commonly found on washing machines. The Drain Valve is opened or closed using a washer arrangement inside. When the valve is operated, a hose can be connected to the outlet and secured with a jubilee clip to stop leaking. A good example is the drain valve fitted on a radiator’s pipework in a central heating system. If you are flushing the central heating pipe work, this is the valve to use. Drain valves should always be fitted at the lowest point in the system. An Ashford Plumber can work on all valve types. The Stop Valve is normally found on the mains water supply to a property. Nearly always fitted close to where the supply enters a property, this valve will isolate the supply to the whole house. If a cold water storage cylinder is fitted, this will already be full so turning off the water at the mains stop valve won’t have any effect until the water in it has been used. Always label the mains water stop valve for emergency isolation.

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