How To Clear a Blocked Toilet

There are few things more inconvenient than a blocked toilet. At Plumbers Ashford, we’re here to help, so we’ve compiled a few helpful DIY tips to help you resolve a blocked toilet.First, do you know how the toilet got blocked in the first place? If you have small children in the house, it could be that one of the little darlings tried to flush something, a toy, perhaps. Other common culprits are toilet roll, nappies, baby wipes and make up wipes.First, bail out the toilet pan. Get an old bucket and a small container and some rubber gloves. Put on the rubber gloves, and use the small container to remove water from the toilet pan and into the bucket. Remove as much water as you can.Next, reach in; can you feel anything in the toilet pan? If you can, pull it out and that should solve the problem. If not, try filling a bucket with warm water and pouring it into the toilet pan from a height. This can clear a minor blockage.Or try a plunger, the pressure can help to move a minor blockage along. If you don’t have a plunger, you can easily fashion one; simply tie a plastic bag around a mop and use as you would a plunger.If that fails, check your drains to try to find the blockage. If you have a drain inspection cover outside, lift it and take a look. If it’s empty the blockage is between the toilet and the cover, and if it’s full of water, your blockage is downstream of the toilet. If that’s the case, try a drain rod to remove or break up the obstacle. If none of the above works, feel free to give us a call at Plumbers Ashford and one of our professionals will be happy to help.

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