(T)hermostatic (R)adiator (V)alve

Any newly built property in the UK will now by the current regulations have to fit TRVs or thermostatic valves on all domestic central heating radiators. They control and save heat in every room at the same time. The result is very good energy management and savings. The older valves the heat could not be finely controlled with the rooms all having very spurious temperatures because of the need to keep altering the manual valves. Ashford Plumbers can fit thermostatic valves. These TRVs are fitted in place of the old valves as a straight swap (if in an older home).However, before an attempt to change them is made, you need to make sure that the valve will fit.Removal and Fitting:Drain the heating system, unscrew and remove the older manual valve from the radiator. Before you take it off completely, loosen the nut that holds the valve onto the pipework, now undo both nuts fully and lift the valve together with its cap nut and olive from the pipe. You do not need to remove the radiator in order to do this job. Wire wool will clean up the end of the pipe. Put the cap nut and olive on the new valve. An Ashford Plumber can replace this type of valve. Hold the valve securely in place and screw the cap nut onto the valve. Make sure that the olive is seated correctly. Don’t tighten up the cap nut fully just yet. If required, fit the radiator with the new connector. Wrap some PTFE tape round the threads and as long as the valve is sat square and straight, then tighten the cap nuts fully.Completed:Once the valve is fitted and you are happy, re-fill the system. Now you will need to setup the TRV(s) in line with the manufacturers instructions.

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