How To Clear a Blocked Toilet

There are few things more inconvenient than a blocked toilet. At Plumbers Ashford, we’re here to help, so we’ve compiled a few helpful DIY tips to help you resolve a blocked toilet.First, do you know how the toilet got blocked in the first place? If you have small children in the house, it could be […]

Valves In Plumbing

There are many different valves that are used in the world of plumbing, all having very similar tasks to perform, here are just a few: The Diaphragm Valve is very much like the gate valve as it has a wheel or knob that moves an element inside the valve fitting. This limits the water that […]

Radiator States

Cold with Boiler Running:This could be due to a potentially defective heating pump, or maybe a fault with the pump timer or a thermostat that is incorrectly set. An easy check is to see if the stat is set correctly, then, turn off the power and inspect electrical connections. The lock-shield valve may set wrongly, […]

New Shower Boost Pump

Not such a hard task to take on and complete, but should you not be confident or hands on with plumbing, then you should always call a professional service like Ashford Plumbers who can fit this type of pump.Advice: Always make sure you have the correct replacement before you start the job.1). Make sure that […]

(T)hermostatic (R)adiator (V)alve

Any newly built property in the UK will now by the current regulations have to fit TRVs or thermostatic valves on all domestic central heating radiators. They control and save heat in every room at the same time. The result is very good energy management and savings. The older valves the heat could not be […]

Removing a Radiator

There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to remove a radiator for example, to make decorating the wall behind it easier or even to replace it with a new one. Bear in mind that it is not a two minute job and consider asking for professional help if you are not […]

Patching a leak

During ice cold conditions, water sitting in a pipe turns cn turn to ice if the weather is cold enough. This ice will expand until it eventually splits the walls of the pipe or breaches a joint. Ashford Plumbers are experts in this field. Copper pipework is more likely to split than lead, which can […]

Cold Water Storage

A tank used to hold cold water is usually known as a cistern. Cisterns today are made of black plastic rather than any older material. The use of plastic allows them to be light, durable and flexible which can make it easier to fit into the loft and they also resist the growth of any […]

Choosing a Tap

Tap Choice.Here is a selection of taps and short description:Mixers.These are two taps with a common spout hence the name mixer. The taps are linked either by a deck block ( flat against the surface ) or a pillar block (which is raised). Many mixers are of a two hole type that fit in a […]

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